May 17, 2004

Time to buy NuPrep... again

I'm working too slow, already we have to get yet another shipment of NuPrep. In the past I have purchased NuPrep from Rochester Electro-Medical just based on price. Over the last month I've noticed that their e-commerce system is consistently down. That in combination with their disorienting website is really cause for concern (don't go there if you are epileptic). What's up with that? Anyway, now you can only buy by fax, which is just wierd and a pain. They could at least use Paypal. For a case of 12 tubes, they charge $73.00 ($6.08 ea.). $71.00 for three cases - thought that is a bit excessive. Prices are given without taxes and shipping and handling (which can be a big deal). UPS Ground is $9 for 1 case.

sourcesizeprice ($)price per unit ($)
Rochester Electro-Medical16.756.75
Rochester Electro-Medical1273.006.08
Rochester Electro-Medical36213.005.92

Sigh... I'll probably get yet another case. With shipping and handling it works out to $6.83 a tube. Still considerably cheaper than everywhere else. D.O. Weaver & Company makes both NuPrep and Ten20 Conductive paste.

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