September 20, 2006

compuntoe --> compuntoes

What is "compuntoe" and why is it the second most searched term on Technorati this morning? Interestingly enough, the main Google site shows absolutely nothing for the term. You'll have more luck looking in Spain. Does it mean computers? Spanish-English dictionary yields nothing. Clearly someone else also has nothing better to do than to try to understand what compuntoes is.

Update: Solution found here in comments. The word means "com dot es" (i.e., com-punto-es) and was chosen for a seo challenge that will finish 2/1. A lot more hits come in when you look for "compuntoes" which is the real target. My first guess was "the state of your toes after walking a mile in shoes that are too narrow -- "compun-toes".

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September 8, 2006

Upgraded, swapped hosts, I'm alive!!

I'm pleased to report that you have reached the new home for Tim's Journal. I procrastinated for quite a while, worrying about losing my laminate flooring hits, but finally realized that I had completely lost sight of why I started blogging in the first place - to capture ideas, thoughts, hopes and dream so that tomorrow I can remember yesterday.

The backend has been updated to Movable Type 3.32. What an upgrade from 3.14! Plugins are much easier to manage and it even comes default with a style swapper. Installation was a breeze. Overall, very professional.

After about 3 months of testing, I have swapped my preferred host, from Globat to Lunarpages, and couldn't be more pleased. Performance is zippy, scripts run 3-4x faster. The File Manager which includes an option to extract tar.gz and zip archives. (I had written a silly little PHP script at Globat which thankfully is no longer needed.)

If you can't tell I'm really excited to start blogging again. Welcome!

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