November 24, 2004

Cool SVG games

Source: Dale Ellis

Game Description Author Date Added

Mouse Game Dale Ellis Move the mouse around trying to shoot the balls as quickly as possible. 07 November 2003
Pong Dale Ellis Pong game with Tennis scoring 07 November 2003
SVG Radiers Chris Peto Game similar to space radiers by Chris Peto - [] 10 November 2003
Bird Hunt Dale Ellis Game in where you have to a minute to kill as many birds by clicking on them, the faster, smaller birds earn you more points. 26 November 2003
Crossword player Lisa Koonts Do cross words in SVG 1 December 2003
svgGP James Ross Click on the word race to start, steer with mouse, click to brake. Automatic full throttle. 08 December 2003
SVG Turtles Marek Raida Rack up the points by carrying ice cubes across the river and collecting the fruits. 15 December 2003
SVG Olympics Dale Ellis 100 Metres and Long jump event, Try and beat the SVG Record. 26 January 2004
SVG Cowboys Marek Raida Shootout game using your mouse to shoot the bandits. 11 February 2004
Pipes Holger Will Remake of the classic "Pipes" game. 27 February 2004
Gunship Jeff C Shoot as many objects as possible, move around using the mouse, shoot with any key. 05 March 2004
Crashdown Holger Will Addictive puzzle game. The goal is to remove all coloured balls by clicking groups of the same colour. 09 March 2004
Connect 4 Holger Will The classic game of Connect 4 in SVG. 19 April 2004
Space Defense Stephen Space Defense is a third person space shooter. 26 April 2004

I think the Bird Hunt game has a lot of potential. Incidentally, you may have wondered whatever happened to SVG (scalable vector graphics). Jon Udell happens to have a relevant article on just this subject.

Remember SVG? The acronym stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. In a posting to the xml-dev mailing list back in 2000, XML co-inventor Tim Bray said: “SVG is going to change the face of the Web.” If that prediction had come true, we’d have used SVG to visualize the results of the recent election. Instead, as Macromedia’s (Profile, Products, Articles) Chief Software Architect Kevin Lynch noted on his Weblog, the election was closely divided, but developers voted overwhelmingly to use Flash for interactive maps, dynamic tables, and live charts.

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