September 17, 2004

structured settlement brokers

The list of authorized structured settlement brokers is amazingly small (159). The Department of Justice provides this list in PDF format as well as well as the declaration statement. The correct term is an "annuity broker". The minimum qualifiactions can be found in 28 CFR 50.24 but are also listed in the declaration.

Minimum requirements

  1. The broker must have a current license issued by at least one State, the District of Columbia, or a Territory of the United States as a life insurance agent, producer, or broker;
  2. The broker must have a current license or appointment issued by at least one life insurance company to sell its structured settlement annuity contracts or to act as a structured settlement consultant or
    broker for the company;
  3. The broker must be currently covered by an Errors and Omissions insurance policy, or an equivalent form of insurance;
  4. The broker must never have had a license to be a life insurance agent, producer, or broker revoked, rescinded, or suspended for any reason or for any period of time;
  5. The broker must not have been convicted of a felony; and
  6. The broker must have had substantial experience in each of the past three years in providing structured settlement brokerage services to or on behalf of defendants or their counsel.

Registered annuity brokers
ADAMS, James Mooman; Houston, TX
ALEXANDER, Albert May Jr.; Memphis, TN
ALLEN, Thomas G.; Columbia, SC
ALVAREZ-PEREZ, Jose Ruben; Mayaguez, PR
ALWAISE, Angela; New York, NY
BARKHAUSEN, Henry W.; Chicago, IL
BARTH, Robert W. Jr.; Bryn Mawr, PA
BASS, Elizabeth Ann; Etters, PA
BEATTY, James Martin; Norcross, GA
BENCIVENGA, Patrick; Brooklyn, NY
BIGLER, Clay N.; Richmond, KY
BLANKENSHIP, Gary Gill; Fairfax, VA
BLONDER, Leonard A.; Los Angeles, CA
BORNSTEIN, Joseph H.; Dallas, TX
BOWERS, Jeffrey S.; Kirkwood, MO
BRADFORD, Charles Shannon; Atlanta, GA
BRANDT, Paul S.; Arlington, VA
BRANT, Gary Lyness; Sewickley, PA
BROOKS, Jeffrey C; Totowa, NJ
BROWN, Kathleen M.; Irvine, CA
BROWN, Phillip J.; Tulsa, OK
BUNCH, Howard R. Jr.; Bettendorf, IA
CADDY, Judson, Newby Jr.; Mt. Airy, MD
CALDERON, Irene; Santa Ana, CA
CALDWELL, Daniel R.; Arlington, TX
CANFIELD, Jeffrey Mark; Morganville, NJ
CANTWELL, Bradford W.; Chicago, IL
CAPLES, Robert; Sugar Land, TX
CHRISTIE, Keith M.; Metairie, LA
CLEMMENS, Kenneth E.; Baltimore, MD
COCHRAN, John E.; Huntsville, TX
COOPER, Alan G.; Moraga, CA
COOPER, Roger F.; Darnestown, MD
COSTELLO, Joseph M., Greenwood Village, CO
CURRY, Thomas W.; Columbus, OH
CURTIS, Lawrence H.; Rockville, MD
DANOWSKY, Richard R.; Sigourney, IA
DeBACHER, Bruce Edward; Miami, FL
DESTRALO, Joseph M.; Runnemede, NJ
DiGANGI, Joseph A.; Easton, PA
DOLNY, Thomas J.; Fairfax, VA
EAKINS, John E.; Greenwood Village, CO
ELGIN, Robert Scott; Middleburg, VA
ELGIN, Michelle M.; Middleburg, VA
ENGELS, Donald J.; Chicago, IL
EVANS, Robert Kirkman; Cumming, GA
EVERETTE-COOPER, Alice; Darnestown, MD
EVOLA, Melissa; St. Clair Shores, MI
FEINMAN, Ron; Lynchburg, VA
FELDHEIM, Mark S.; Washington, DC
FELDHEIM, Michele M.; Washington, DC
GARGAN, Joseph E.; Arlington, VA
GARRISON, James P.; Phoenix, AZ
GOODMANN, Daniel J.; Chicago, IL
GOTSHALL, Ralph M.; Paoli, PA
GURLEY, Jayne A.; Bellevue, WA
HAMILTON, T. Scott; Duluth, GA
HAMILTON, Terrence Scott; Norcross, GA
HANAIKE, Dona L.; Honolulu, HI
HARRIS, Gary L.; Merrill, WI
HARRIS, Steven Craig; Minneapolis, MN
HART, David M. Jr.; New Hartford, NY
HATHAWAY, Paul A.; St. Clair Shores, MI
HENRY, Deryck; Harrisburg, PA
HICKEY, David J.; Sewickley, PA
HILLIARD, Pamela K.; Ft. Worth, TX
HOBGOOD, Daisy Ann; Louisville, KY
HUVER, Daniel C; Exton, PA
HUVER, Joseph W.; Exton, PA
JACOBSMEIER, Paulette M.; Chicago, IL
JOYNER, Charles D. HI; Atlanta, GA
KAGELS, Raymond Stuart; Beverly, MA
KAUFMAN, Harold R.; Dana Point, CA
KEARNS, John P.; Phoenix, AZ
KENNEY, Kevin J.; Los Angeles, CA
KIMES, Matthew Walter; Scottsdale, AZ
KIMES, Walter Lawson; Scottsdale, AZ
KLAPPS, James P.; Washington, DC
KLINGER, Connie; Tampa, FL
KLINGER, Peter J.; Tampa, FL
KOEHN, Dennis Neff; Memphis, TN
KORMANN, Jamie L.; Joppa, MD
KUKLO, Linda; Rockville, MD
LARNED, Christopher E.; Barrington, RI
LAW, Patricia A.; Gilbert, AZ
LEWIS, Richard Albert; Dallas, TX
LOGAN, James E.; West Bloomfield, MI
LOWE, Gordon A.; Blair, NE
LUKENS, Greg S.; Minneapolis, MN
MacGREGOR, Scott Brian; Encinitas, CA
MAIDENS, Mark E.; Brandon, FL
MANGELSDORF, Thomas V.; Dallas, TX
MARCOM, Stephen B.; Houston, TX
MARSH, Leslie John; Great Falls, MT
MARTIN, John Shale; Clayton, NC
MAYER, Gregory J.; Scarsdale, NY
MAZZOTTA, Bruno R.; St. Louis, MO
McANALLY, Annemarie H.; Exton, PA
McANDREWS, Edward; Swarthmore, PA
McCARTHY, Casey; Chicago, IL
McKENNA, John Jr.; Bozeman, MT
McNAY, Donald J.; Richmond, KY
MEAD, Stanley L.; Highland, UT
MENSCH, Raymond G.; Tempe, AZ
MILLER, Daniel Charles; Greenwood Village, CO
MILLER, Reginald W. III; Chagrin Falls, OH
MILOSH, Brian; Southborough, MA
NONINI, Robert P.; Coeur d'Alene, ID
OMANSKY, Louis G.; Baltimore, MD
OMANSKY, Tanna G.; Baltimore, MD
ORCUTT, James A.; Norcross, GA
OSLER, Kathleen Susan; Bellevue, WA
PARSONS, Anna Melissa; Dallas, TX
PENSION, Frank A.; Bryn Mawr, PA
PHILYAW, Ryan H.; Lee's Summit, MO
QUINTERO, Thomas A.; San Francisco, CA
RASK, Lee M.; Clackamas, OR
REID, Robert Dion; Tampa, FL
REIL, Stephen W.; Warren, NJ
RIEPE, Susan Kay; St. Paul, MN
RILEY-PUGH, Jane M.; Santa Ana, CA
RISK, Richard B. Jr.; Tulsa, OK
RISK, Robert A. II; Tulsa, OK
ROESER, John B.; San Juan Capistrano, CA
ROWLAND, James E.; Cincinnati, OH
RUDER, Lawrence M.; Town & Country, MO
RYAN, Richard; Baltimore, MD
SARNI, Dennis Christopher; Greenbrae, CA
SARNI, Terry Wilkes; Greenbrae, CA
SCHAEFER, James E.; St. Paul, MN
SCHLEEDE, Kimberly; Washington, DC
SCHNEYER, Gerard V.; Kailua-Kona, HI
SENDERS, Samuel; New York, NY
SHEERAN, David R.; Ft. Worth, TX
SHIPLEY, Lori A.; Phoenix, AZ
SHIPLEY, Lori A.; Phoenix, AZ
SHUMATE, William Christian; Dallas, TX
SMALL, David M.; Norcross, GA
STRONG, Henry Lockwood; Washington, DC
SUSS, Donald B.; Frazer, PA
SWIGART, Jeffrey F.; Frazer, PA
TAMAGNI, Alfred L. Sr.; Anchorage, AK
TEMPLETON, Gary; Natick, MA
TUGMAN, Richard John; Lynchburg, VA
VALDEZ, Manuel Ramon.; San Marcos, CA
VALDEZ, Manny Joseph; San Marcos, CA
VERNON, Elsa A.; Lorain, OH
WAGNER, Richard Wayne; New Orleans, LA
WAHLSTROM, Mark; Scottsdale, AZ
WALSH, Thomas D.; Arlington, VA
WALTERS, Ronald Neal; Charleston, WV
WEEDMAN, Jacob T.; Shawnee, OK
WEEKS, Dirk E.; Ft. Worth, TX
WEEKS, Don E.; Ft. Worth, TX
WELSCH, Wayne Robert; Roseville, CA
WHALEN, Edward T.; Flint, MI
WROTH, Peregrine; St. Louis, MO
ZEMAN, Paul G.; New York, NY
ZUPAN, Thomas; Portland, OR

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structured settlement and adsense

Another big time word is "structured settlement" - with the top two Overture bides at $100. Funny, I don't even know what a structured settlement is. My guess from some quick surfing is that it has to do with financially managing lawsuit settlements. Here we go - from the commerce-database:

Structured Settlement definition a structured settlement describes a one time payment in lieu of receiving monthly or annual recurring payments. A structured settlement can apply to insurance policies, annuities, legal settlements, retirement plans or lottery winnings. Many people prefer to receive a one time lump sum payment to enable them to have more flexibility in deciding how to use the funds. Also known as a lump sum distribution..

In some cases, companies will buy your settlement payments by giving you a discounted lump sum. It is similar to the lottery. Ahh, I see - the operative quote is "Get tomorrow's money today". I get it. The people paying for these ads are the people buying cash streams. The forum at searchenginewatch has an interesting thread on this. Apparently, referrals to the companies that actually buy the settlement payments generate $3500-5000. I'm surprised there isn't a directory listing how much people will pay for what. I suppose it is kind of hard to quantify - but maybe not. Isn't it just a cash stream like any other cash stream? Calculate NPV and pay a discounted rate?

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