March 30, 2005

Double stroller

Top twenty by search....

45.4double stroller
7.7double jogging stroller
4.6graco double stroller
4.1double umbrella stroller
3.4double baby stroller
2.5peg perego double stroller
2.4eddie bauer double stroller
1.7maclaren double stroller
1.4double jogger stroller
1.2combi double stroller
0.9best double stroller
0.9jeep double stroller
0.9evenflo double stroller
0.8double stroller travel system
0.7double stroller review
0.7double stroller with car seat
0.7lightweight double stroller
0.6schwinn double jogging stroller
0.5baby trend double stroller
0.5schwinn double stroller

...and the rest

0.5side by side double stroller
0.5double doll stroller
0.5double jog stroller
0.5kolcraft double stroller
0.5laurel creek double jogging stroller
0.5cosco double stroller
0.5sit and stand double stroller
0.5used double stroller
0.4double baby jogging stroller
0.4instep double jogging stroller
0.4emmaljunga double stroller
0.4double jogging stroller swivel
0.4double decker stroller
0.3double schwinn sport stroller utility
0.3chicco double stroller
0.3double tandem stroller
0.3cheap double stroller
0.3peg perego tender double stroller
0.3double snap n go stroller
0.3double and triple stroller
0.3mountain buggy double stroller
0.3baby trend double jogging stroller
0.3inglesina double stroller
0.3discount double stroller
0.3graco duoglider double stroller
0.3double stroller canada
0.3twin stroller double
0.2safetech double stroller
0.2graco duoglider lxi double stroller
0.2bugaboo double stroller
0.2double stroller sale
0.2kolcraft double umbrella stroller
0.2safari double jogging stroller
0.2instep double stroller
0.2infant double stroller
0.2baby doll double stroller
0.2mountain buggy urban double stroller
0.2expedition double jogging stroller
0.2double stroller with infant car seat
0.2used double jogging stroller
0.2eddie bauer manchester double stroller
0.2double stroller rain cover
0.2double jogging sc900 schwinn stroller
0.2light weight double stroller
0.2double stroller rating
0.2swan double stroller
0.2jeep wagoneer double stroller
0.2mcclaren double stroller
0.2consumer report double stroller
0.2aria double stroller
0.2safetech double jogging stroller
0.2valco double stroller
0.1safety 1st double stroller
0.1safety first double stroller
0.1double snap and go stroller
0.1double jogging review stroller
0.1baby jogger double stroller
0.1compare double stroller
0.1kidco double stroller
0.1mclaren double stroller
0.1deluxe double jogging schwinn stroller
0.1instep safari double jogging stroller
0.1double jeep stroller tandem wagoneer
0.1zooper double stroller
0.1aprica double stroller
0.1double jogging stroller rain cover
0.1graco saratoga double stroller
0.1kelty double jogging stroller
0.1aria double peg perego stroller
0.1double fisher price stroller
0.1graco metropolitan double stroller
0.1safari tt double jogging stroller
0.1double jogging stroller swivel wheel
0.1sit n stand double stroller
0.1avalon double stroller
0.1double stroller travel bag
0.1double jogging stroller with swivel front wheel
0.1baby double expedition jogging stroller trend
0.1in step double jogging stroller
0.1perego double stroller

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July 30, 2004

Stokke Xplory

xplorer.PNGOk, this is really, umm, well, err... you decide for yourself. Gizmodo has the enhanced scoop. The Stokke Xplory is the latest high end stroller to hit the streets. At around $800, it has got to have a serious pitch. And it does, sort of. As you can see from the heisted image on the right, the seat can be brought up high so that your kids can be further away from dust and exhaust fumes. (Someone bring in a physicist on this... I'm not so sure about the fumes.) Sonja says that it is kind of cute - but it is eight hundred dollars cute? Ok, now she says that it sort of looks like a cheap office chair.

I found a better site for going through the Xplory features. Very well thought out!

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Overture stroller search

The double stroller is getting to be a big hassle. It bascially fills up the back of the van making it very difficult to even go shopping. Plus, #1 barely uses the stroller anymore. Time for an upgrade? I decided to search via Overture following an earlier method. Here's the top 10...
countsearch term
6603maclaren stroller
6591graco stroller
4016combi stroller
2958peg perego stroller
2920bugaboo stroller
2406eddie bauer stroller
1871chicco stroller
1604zooper stroller
1515evenflo stroller
1472cosco stroller
Here's everything!
countsearch term
16650baby stroller
12375double stroller
10380jogging stroller
6603maclaren stroller
6591graco stroller
5212umbrella stroller
4016combi stroller
3656double jogging stroller
2958peg perego stroller
2920bugaboo stroller
2750twin stroller
2542triple stroller
2406eddie bauer stroller
2225jeep stroller
2086dog stroller
1957sit and stand stroller
1871chicco stroller
1789double umbrella stroller
1619jogger stroller
1604zooper stroller
1515evenflo stroller
1472cosco stroller
1443pet stroller
1438stroller accessory
1402triplet stroller
1343stroller car seat
1246lightweight stroller
1235baby trend stroller
1159doll stroller
1080bertini stroller
1079instep stroller
1026sit n stand stroller
1023double baby stroller
1019schwinn stroller
993mclaren stroller
948graco double stroller
934inglesina stroller
886bob stroller
877kolcraft stroller
870stroller recall
860mcclaren stroller
846aprica stroller
838baby jogging stroller
820tandem stroller
765graco baby stroller
737instep jogging stroller
702bugaboo frog stroller
686stroller travel system
651discount stroller
630review stroller
607running stroller
582jog stroller
573in step stroller
572quad stroller
519double jogger stroller
509swan stroller
507peg perego double stroller
485special need stroller
471backpack stroller
471silver cross stroller
470century stroller
467jogging schwinn stroller
453triple jogging stroller
442stroller bag
439dreamer design stroller
429combi double stroller
428maclaren double stroller
422pink stroller
420cat stroller
412toddler stroller
410stroller toy
403bike stroller
396infant stroller
391best stroller
387caddy chicco stroller
385kidco stroller
384perego stroller
373used stroller
372bob jogging stroller
369light weight stroller
367all terrain stroller
364chicco london stroller
364stroller for less
360chariot stroller
358cosco recall stroller
355jogging stroller review
353martinelli stroller
352quinny stroller
349buggy mountain stroller
348best baby stroller
347eddie bauer double stroller
325adult stroller
325baby jogger stroller
325baby stroller travel system
322stroller rating
319double evenflo stroller
318bike trailer stroller
316stroller connector
314j mason stroller
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