January 29, 2005

To be God's People

One of my favorite praise songs is Charles Brown's To be God's People. An ex-Navy music instructor, Charles Brown has been writing praise since the early 70s. I had a chance to call Mr. Brown this afternoon and thank him. He wrote the piece while he was attending a church in Waco. The pastor was preaching on how missions is important, but... "but we must never forget that the church here, that we have been called to be God's people in this place". Hence the inspiration for the piece.

To be Godís people in this place,
Live His goodness, share His grace.
Proclaim Godís mercy through His son,
Be His love to every one.

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December 16, 2004

Praise songs for kids

Thanks to Grace, Sonja, Vivian and Xia we now have a handful of praise songs for kids in English and Chinese. The songsheet is available in PDF, Microsoft Word, and of course, HTML:

Jesus Loves Me This I Know

ye1 su1 ai4 wo3 wo3 zhi1 dao4
yin1 you3 sheng4 shu1 gao4 su4 wo3 。
fan2 xiao3 hai2 zi3 zhu3 mu4 yang3 ,
wo3 sui1 ruan3 ruo4 zhu3 qiang2 zhuang4 。
zhu3 ye1 su1 ai4 wo3,(3x)
you3 sheng4 shu1 gao4 su4 wo3 。

Jesus loves me this I know,
For the Bible tells me so;
Little ones to Him belong,
They are weak, but He is strong.
Yes, Jesus loves me, (3x)
The Bible tells me so.

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December 15, 2004

Wherever He Leads I'll Go - in translation

Thanks to Jin Xia, this project is done. I present to you,主領我何往必去 Wherever He Leads I'll Go in English, Chinese and pin yin, for the illiterate. I recommend the PDF version for printing. Feel free to download the original Word document. HTML to follow. Finally, the hmyn, nicely rendered, in midi version, courtesy of Active Bible Church of God, Chicago.

Wherever He Leads Iíll Go

zhu3 ling3 wo3 he2 wang3 bi4 qu4

ďTake up thy cross and follow Me,Ē I heard my Master say;
「bei1 qi3 shi2 jia4 lai2 gen1 cong2 wo3 !」
wo3 ting1 jian4 zhu3 ci2 sheng1 ;
ďI gave My life to ransom thee, Surrender your all today.Ē
「wo3 she3 sheng1 ming4 shu2 ni3 zui4 guo4 ,
dang1 jiang1 ni3 suo3 you3 xian4 cheng2 。」

He drew me closer to His side, I sought His will to know,
zhu3 qian1 wo3 jin3 kao4 ta1 shen1 pang2 ,
xun2 qiu2 en1 zhu3 zhi3 yi4 ;
And in that will I now abide, Whever He leads Iíll go.
shi3 wo3 xing2 zai4 zhu3 zhi3 yi4 zhong1 ,
zhu3 ling3 wo3 he2 wang3 bi4 qu4 。

It may be thro' the shadows dim, Or o'er the stormy sea,
huo4 yao4 jing1 guo4 you1 an4 dao4 lu4 ,
huo4 du4 feng1 bao4 hai3 yang2 ;
I take my cross and follow Him, Wherever He leadeth me.
bei1 qi3 shi2 jia4 gen1 sui2 en1 zhu3 ,
wu2 lun4 zhu3 ling3 wo3 he2 wang3 。

My heart, my life, my all I bring To Christ who loves me so;
wo3 ming4 、wo3 xin1 、suo3 you3 yi1 qie4 ,
xian4 yu2 ai4 wo3 ji1 du1 ;
He is my Master, Lord, and King, Wherever He leads I'll go.
wu2 lun4 ling3 wo3 he2 wang3 bi4 qu4 ,
yin1 ta1 shi4 wo3 wang2 ,wo3 zhu3 。

Wherever He leads I'll go, Wherever He leads I'll go,
zhu3 ling3 wo3 he2 wang3 bi4 qu4 ,
zhu3 ling3 wo3 he2 wang3 bi4 qu4 ,
I'll follow my Christ who loves me so, Wherever He leads I'll go.
zhu3 zhe4 yang4 ai4 wo3 ,wo3 bi4 gen1 cong2 ,
zhu3 ling3 wo3 he2 wang3 bi4 qu4 。

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December 9, 2004

主zhu3 領ling3 我wo3 [何he2;he4] [往wang3;wang4] 必bi4 去qu4

  1. 「[背bei1;bei4] 起qi3 十shi2 架jia4 來lai2 跟gen1 [從cong1;cong2] 我wo3 !」我wo3 聽ting1 [見jian4;xian4] 主zhu3 慈ci2 聲sheng1 ; 「我wo3 捨生sheng1 命ming4 贖shu2 你ni3 罪zui4 [過guo1;guo4] ,[當dang1;dang4] [將jiang1;jiang4;qiang1] 你ni3 所suo3 [有you3;you4] 獻xian4 迖 呈cheng2 。」 *
  2. 主zhu3 牽qian1 我wo3 緊jin3 靠kao4 祂身shen1 旁pang2 ,[尋xin2;xun2] 求qiu2 恩en1 主zhu3 旨zhi3 意yi4 ; 使shi3 我wo3 [行hang2;hang4;heng2;xing2] 在zai4 主zhu3 旨zhi3 意yi4 [中zhong1;zhong4] ,主zhu3 領ling3 我wo3 [何he2;he4] [往wang3;wang4] 必bi4 去qu4 。*
  3. 或huo4 [要yao1;yao4] [經jing1;jing4] [過guo1;guo4] 幽you1 暗an4 道dao4 路lu4 ,或huo4 渡du4 風feng1 [暴bao4;pu4] 海hai3 洋yang2 ; [背bei1;bei4] 起qi3 十shi2 架jia4 跟gen1 隨sui2 恩en1 主zhu3 ,[無mo2;wu2] [論lun2;lun4] 主zhu3 領ling3 我wo3 [何he2;he4] [往wang3;wang4]
  4. 我wo3 命ming4 、我wo3 心xin1 、所suo3 [有you3;you4] 一yi1 [切qie1;qie4] ,獻xian4 [與yu2;yu3;yu4] 愛ai4 我wo3 基ji1 督du1 ; [無mo2;wu2] [論lun2;lun4] 領ling3 我wo3 [何he2;he4] [往wang3;wang4] 必bi4 去qu4 ,因yin1 祂是shi4 我wo3 [王wang2;wang4] ,我wo3 主zhu3 。
* *(副fu4 歌ge1 ) 主zhu3 領ling3 我wo3 [何he2;he4] [往wang3;wang4] 必bi4 去qu4 ,主zhu3 領ling3 我wo3 [何he2;he4] [往wang3;wang4] 必bi4 去qu4 ,主zhu3 [這zhe4;zhei4] 樣yang4 愛ai4 我wo3 ,我wo3 必bi4 跟gen1 [從cong1;cong2] ,主zhu3 領ling3 我wo3 [何he2;he4] [往wang3;wang4] 必bi4 去qu4
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