March 11, 2005

Days of Glory, Seasons of Night

Tim Stafford has a piece in ChristianityToday on Bob Pierce, founder of World Vision. The story is absolutely heartbreaking. Pierce, in 1947, with just enough to get to Honolulu, set forth to bring the gospel to China. He was met with tremendous success, thousands coming to Christ. At the same time, he was struck with the suffering he saw in Asia. "Let my heart be broken with the things that break the heart of God," he wrote on his Bible. In 1950, armed with suffering on film, he launched World Vision. Incredibly intense, he spent 10 months out of the year traveling... at the expense of his family.

I've made an agreement with God, that I'll take care of his helpless little lambs overseas if he'll take care of mine at home.
Tragically, this would not be the case. His daughter Sharon, depressed, committed suicide while he was traveling. He separated from his wife, and spent the remainder of days, except for one family reunion at a restaurant, dying alone with leukemia. What happened?

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