July 29, 2004

rhodium - mohs and vickers

Rhodium is a wonderful metal because it is non-corrosive, like gold, but, unlike gold, is quite scratch resistant. For this reason, it is often use as a final coating on silver and gold jewelry. But how hard is hard? And what does that mean? It turns out that there are a number of hardness scales. Two which jewelers and metal workers use are mohs and vickers. I'm still looking for a non-web source (no, it isn't in the CRC) so, for the time being, the reference goes to artisanplating.com.

Now I bet you are wondering what mohs and vickers are.

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May 18, 2004

Buying precious metals

My specifications: 0.050 in. wire/rod, 1 ft. in length.

metalsourcecodeprice ($)
gold (99.99%)SurepureAu-wire051-01202.60
palladium (99.9%)SurepurePd-wire051-01265.00
platinum (99.95%)SurepurePt-wire051-01443.60
platinum-iridium (90/10)SurepurePt-Ir-wire051-01442.80
silver (99.95%)SurepureAg-wire051-0140.00

I also found New England Precision Griding's Quick Wire Program, which specializes on medical devices. No pricing though. They have all sorts of crazy things. Probably not the right place for me.

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