May 21, 2004

Overture keywords galore

I found a nice little snippet on keywords on Speechbot. Other big search terms, besides asbestos based keywords, are those on conference calling, and time and attendance software.

Here are some term count/bids from Overture:

termcountmax bid
personal injury lawyer9905100.00 (next 6.16)
florida personal injury lawyer219230.03
debt consolidation58411526.51
personal injury lawyer
time (and) attendance593616.06
time attendance software386615.51
miami personal injury lawyer167415.02 (next 6.16)
conference call4081714.71
conference call services335714.62
conference call service151714.40
web hosting php mysql2090312.02 (next 5.36)
angiosarcoma117710.88 (next 0.10)
refinance mortgage33486410.58
life insurance10771939.99
time attendance system11579.51
term life insurance662009.00
vinyl chloride10928.88
credit card debt500878.51
real estate los altos7467.00
patent lawyer21365.50
real estate woodside514.51
real estate palo alto7464.00
real estate menlo park2103.61
free conference call12883.50
ceramic machining1983.10
restaurant software47092.92
real estate atherton2242.47
real estate atherton2242.47

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May 12, 2004

Google going banner?

I got this in the mail today:


Google is very pleased to introduce a new feature to your AdSense account.
Image ads

Now, in addition to text ads, you can choose to show highly-targeted image ads on your web pages. Unlike traditional banner ads, Google's image ads are contextually targeted to the content of your page, providing your users with a high impact, high value advertisement - and providing you with the opportunity to earn more revenue.

For the full details about image ads, please read our What's New page at

How to contact us

If you have questions or comments about this new feature, or about the AdSense program in general, please email us at One of our specialists will be happy to help.


The Google Team


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May 9, 2004

Why mesothelioma?

I mentioned in an earlier post that mesothelioma-related keywords were up in the $90s in cost per click (CPC). A recent article in New York Lawyer explains exactly why. "Because there is nothing more valuable than one mesothelioma patient," explains Chris Hahn, executive director of the non-profit Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation (Santa Barbara, CA). Typical awards in a mesothelioma case is $1 million, with attorneys receiving 40%. A study by think tank Rand Corp. claims that the mean award for cases going to trial is $6 million. Given that fact, and that patients go "on the Web within three or four days of diagnosis", $90 suddenly does not seem like so much for a good lead.

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April 20, 2004

Adsense Adwords analysis

Enoch, you might be interested in this one. GarageGames, makers of the Torque game engine, recently published an analysis of dollars made and spent via Google. They call it self-funded marketing. Nice. I quote, from Jeff Tunnell's .plan:

Ad Words (GG purchases the small text ads on search sites and other web sites, i.e. this costs GG).
288,594 Impressions
584 Click throughs to our Torque product page.
CTR (click through rate) = .2% (more below on this)
Money Spent: $170.32

Ad Sense (Google pays us to run ads based on click throughs)
297,822 Impressions
1,236 Click Throughs
.4% CTR
Money Earned: $164.90

This is not counting money from people that actually come to their site to buy stuff, and brand recognition. So the real numbers are actually even better than that. Tunnell also does an estimation of Google's take on the ad revenue which, by the T&C's, should probably not be published... but since it is out there,

"On a side note, we can derive Google´s royalty rate for running Adsense campaigns. Since GarageGames is the exact audience for ads that we run our Adwords campaign in, we can see that Google is taking a little more than 50% of the money. We have 584 click throughs for Adsense and have paid $170.32, for an average CPC of $.29. If we applied that CPC to the 1,236 CT´s from our Adsense ads, the gross amount collected from our ads would be 1,236*.29 = $358.44. Thus, the Google royalty is (358.44-164.90)/358.44 = 54%."

I have some issues with the analysis, but it is more detailed than anything I've seen thus far...

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April 18, 2004

A9 update - tricky, tricky

beta-a9-logo.gifMy previous post on A9 was not completely accurate, it turns out the reason why I was able to look at book pages without logging in was that I had logged in already at A9. If you don't, the search is free, but once you click on the link, it'll ask you to sign in or create an Amazon account. Great marketing.

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April 15, 2004

Amazon A9

beta-a9-logo.gifOf course, you knew it had to come. If Amazon can search through books, why not the web? A9 βeta is out. Powered, so far, by Google, Amazon extends the standard search results to include books, which is very, very nice for research. For some time now, I've been able using Amazon's Search Inside the Book feature - but for this one you don't even have to login. The only thing missing now are scientific journals. To save your searches, you can login using your Amazon account. Another cool thing? Alexa results follow major pages. There's been a lot of Amazon-Google collaboration of late...

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Pagerank and redirect 301

Arrgh. So it turns out that the proper way of transferring a site is to do a redirect permanent, a.k.a., a redirect 301 using .htaccess. I did this, from my Stanford site to oncloud8 with one hitch. I had been using MT for sometime on oncloud8 prior to importing the old blogs. As a result, the index numbers are all mismatched - yikes. If you do a search on ebay automation, I come up first. But the link goes to a completely different subject. I'm not really sure how to fix this now, except perhaps to export and re-import. It's really a disaster.

I struggled for a little bit getting the redirect to work, I ended up putting an .htaccess in my root directory with "redirect 301 /~torque/blog". Note that the first reference, the original location, is relative to the domain, here, That threw me off for a little bit.

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April 14, 2004

Boosting your pagerank

I just ported my blog from Stanford to oncloud8, and whoosh, my pagerank plummeted from 5/10 to 0/10. Granted, I just started this blog, but how can I boost the rank? At Stanford, I lucked out, since the pagerank was based on That was really quite an advantage. Now there is Yahoo! Webrank. Now, who is fearless enough to download their toolbar. Google I trust, but Yahoo!? Do I need to hire SEO guns?

Getting started
Wyane at Blog Business World gives a whole slew of ways to market, what else, blogs. in particular, he suggests three ways of getting more incoming links - which we know are good.

  1. Link exchange requests at sites like Blogger Forum and Blogger Talk
  2. Link blogs you like, and then contact them by e-mail requesting links
  3. Post intelligent comments on other blogs (maybe they'll add you to their lists)

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I really enjoyed Allan Gardyne's article "How to boost your AdSense revenue". Very interesting.

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