April 10, 2003

Reorder postscript pages

Reordering postscript pages in unix is very straight-forward. There are a number of perl utilities out there but there is actually one that is probably in your system already. It's called psselect. psselect is part of PSUtils. To use it:

psselect -p

I needed to do what is known as a flipstack. On double-sided printing, the tops should be 1,2,3,... and when you get to the end of the stack, you flip it over, and go all the way to the end. I had 16 pages, so I simply wrote:

psselect -p1,16,2,15,3,14,...,8,9 in.ps out.ps

Amazingly it worked. I found the solution at google groups.

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Line numbers

I wanted to have line numbers on the side of my Word document. But how? Thanks to google, I found it at TechTV.

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