September 8, 2006

Upgraded and moved.

I finally got around to upgrading to Movable Type 3.32. I love the upgraded plugin system. Not sure if I'll ever get around porting my old entries - but the besides upgrading I'm ditching Globat for Lunar Pages. Much faster, sweet control panel. The new Tim's Journal is at

UPDATE: Temporarily I'm back, I'm going to move oncloud8 to Lunar Pages!

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June 4, 2006

Why I haven't been blogging....

Actually, I've wanted to, but the problem is that everytime I log into MT, I'm completely overwhelmed by spamish comments which I cannot help going through and deleting. In any case, what started out as a great pleasure became rather a burden. To that effect, I think that self-run blogs which are publically accessible eventually will become unmanageable, in the same sense that self-adminstered public email services become unmanageable. This is true even from a company perspective. I suspect that at the end of the day, mail services like GMail, Hotmail and Yahoo will win the market because of their capability of getting a large sampling of spam versus legit mail.

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December 27, 2005

Wordpres -> Wordpress 2.0 released

Perhaps it is finally time to switch. You can download Wordpress 2.0 here. The themes are refreshing. Interestingly, the claim to be "the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world". Finally, it is open-source, PHP and MySQL. How is MT to survive? The lead developers are Ryan Boren and Matthew Mullenweg. What's the business model? Sheer generosity? Impact to the world? This is the interesting scoop. It's not like MySQL, where the corps are paying for support. Boren works for Cisco.

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December 18, 2005

Adsense revenue and comment spam

There is definitely a positive correlation between comment spam and adsense revenue.

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September 10, 2005

Adsense and Blogging

As you might have noticed, I haven't been blogging very much lately. Today, I noticed a direct correlation between days I blogged and income from Adsense. It is about a 20% difference with a one day lag. Facinating.

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April 24, 2005

Ocala, Florida

What is it in Ocala, Florida that makes "ocala florida" such an expensive keyword? Google Adwords estimates a whopping 780.0 clicks per day at an average cost-per-click of $1.58. Is it the real estate? Is it Disney World?

Ahh, according to the Ocala/Marion County Chamber of Commerce, Ocala was named an "All America City" in 1995 (though they don't list who named it). Features touted include:

  • nearly perfect weather year-round
  • an endless panorama of natural beauty
  • historic landmarks, and
  • man-made diversity (Indian artifacts?).
Wow, you can get a 4 bed 3 bath home, 2300 sq ft home for $199,500. In Palo Alto $199,500 will buy you 1 bath, no bed. If you need information on schooling, you can get it at Marion County Public Schools.

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February 2, 2005

Brain injury attorney

While not "mesothelioma attorney", "brain injury attorney" is a pretty respectable keyword. Overture's inventory tool reports 13395 searches for "brain injury attorney". Bids are in the $12 range. The top 5 sites on Google are 5+ in pagerank, so the opportunity may not be that large. I wonder how brain injuries typically happen - vehicular trauma?

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December 27, 2004

Handheld sound studio

I looked into binaural recording several years ago prior to my trip to Russia. The topic recently resurfaced as Sonja and I were looking for a CD with ocean sounds. Fanatasies of a binaural recording of the ocean immediately popped into my head. After some distraction, I have concluded that Len Moscowitz's Core Sound is the way to go.

Mr. Moscowitz is a graduate of Rutgers, Polytechnic Institute of New York and The City University of New York. Holding degrees in electrical engineering and psychology, he spent more than 20 years working on artificial intelligence, waveform analysis and radar jamming for the US Aerospace industry. He also plays bass guitar and guitar, and enjoys recording and composing. So, the background is good.

Core Sound specializes in high quality stealth recording. Think U2 concerts... Of course, they recommend asking for permission before recording. People also use their systems to record ambient sound, such as the ocean. Their high end binaural (HEB) microphones are a bit rich for my blood (~$900), though about an order of magnitude less than professional gear such as the Neumann KU-100 dummy head (~$8000). The HEB set utilizes a set of DPA4060 microphones from Bruel & Kjaer, which Moscowitz claims as "the very best binaural microphones available anywhere".

So how does this work? The microphones are clipped to glasses, a helmet, your belt, or under your collar, seperated by a head's width. In the ideal (and more expensive) world, the microphones are inserted into the ear to truly capture the sound, including the transfer function coming from the ridges and valleys of the ear. On top of the microphones, you will need a dat recorder, an md recorder, or a way of amplifying and digitizing the audio into a digital device such as a PDA or a laptop. Core Sound sells a package to do the latter. Audio is captured and digitized using PDAudio, which consists of a Mic2496 dual microphone pre-amp and A-to-D converter ($499), a S/PDIF to Compact Flash adapter ($199), optical cabling ($15), "Live2496 software" ($50), and, if you don't have it, a PDA/laptop with associated memory. To be portable, you will probably want a PDA ($300) and a lot of memory ($250-300). You can see this is becoming an expensive endeavor.

For the hobbyist (CD-quality), it may be sufficient to purchase Core Sound's original microphones ($260). Though not as sleek and small, for 16-bit/44.1 kHz recordings, it may well be sufficient. The HEB 4060 is really designed for 24-bit/96 kHz recordings, so-called DVD quality. The microphones can then be plugged into an old MD or DAT recorder. While the sound quality may not be as high, I suspect it will probably be sufficient. The main issue with using a mechanical device is that noise is injected into the recording. A solid-state memory such as Compact Flash or SD can avoid this.

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December 9, 2004

Converting traditional chinese to pinyin online

Behold, the source file...


  1. 「背起十架來跟從我!」我聽見主慈聲;「我捨生命贖你罪過,當將你所有獻迖 呈。」 *
  2. 主牽我緊靠祂身旁,尋求恩主旨意;使我行在主旨意中,主領我何往必去。*
  3. 我命、我心、所有一切,獻與愛我基督;無論領我何往必去,因祂是我王,我主。*
*(副歌) 主領我何往必去,主領我何往必去,主這樣愛我,我必跟從,主領我何往必去。

Nice huh?

I used to attempt to do the pinyin conversion. Hmm, maybe if I use big5 as a source...

主zhu3 領我wo3 [何he2;he4] [往wang3;wang4] 必bi4 去qu4 「[背bei1;bei4] 起qi3 十shi2 架jia4 來跟gen1 從我wo3 !」我wo3 聽見主zhu3 慈ci2 聲;「我wo3 捨生sheng1 命ming4 贖你ni3 罪zui4 過,當將你ni3 所suo3 [有you3;you4] 獻迖 呈cheng2 。」 * 主zhu3 牽我wo3 緊靠kao4 祂身shen1 旁pang2 ,尋求qiu2 恩en1 主zhu3 旨zhi3 意yi4 ;使shi3 我wo3 [行hang2;hang4;heng2;xing2] 在zai4 主zhu3 旨zhi3 意yi4 [中zhong1;zhong4] ,主zhu3 領我wo3 [何he2;he4] [往wang3;wang4] 必bi4 去qu4 。* 我wo3 命ming4 、我wo3 心xin1 、所suo3 [有you3;you4] 一yi1 [切qie1;qie4] ,獻與愛我wo3 基ji1 督du1 ;無論領我wo3 [何he2;he4] [往wang3;wang4] 必bi4 去qu4 ,因yin1 祂是shi4 我wo3 [王wang2;wang4] ,我wo3 主zhu3 。* *(副fu4 歌ge1 ) 主zhu3 領我wo3 [何he2;he4] [往wang3;wang4] 必bi4 去qu4 ,主zhu3 領我wo3 [何he2;he4] [往wang3;wang4] 必bi4 去qu4 ,主zhu3 這樣愛我wo3 ,我wo3 必bi4 跟gen1 從,主zhu3 領我wo3 [何he2;he4] [往wang3;wang4] 必bi4 去qu4 。

That was it. Lightverse works with simplified chinese. Here is the hymn - simplified via

「背起十架来跟从我!」我听见主慈声;「我捨生命赎你罪过,当将你所有献迖 呈。」 *
*(副歌) 主领我何往必去,主领我何往必去,主这样爱我,我必跟从,主领我何往必去。

And here it is in pinyin:

主zhu3 领ling3 我wo3 [何he2;he4] [往wang3;wang4] 必bi4 去qu4 「[背bei1;bei4] 起qi3 十shi2 架jia4 来lai2 跟gen1 [从cong1;cong2] 我wo3 !」我wo3 听ting1 [见jian4;xian4] 主zhu3 慈ci2 声sheng1 ;「我wo3 捨生sheng1 命ming4 赎shu2 你ni3 罪zui4 [过guo1;guo4] ,[当dang1;dang4] [将jiang1;jiang4;qiang1] 你ni3 所suo3 [有you3;you4] 献xian4 迖 呈cheng2 。」 * 主zhu3 牵qian1 我wo3 紧jin3 靠kao4 祂身shen1 旁pang2 ,[寻xin2;xun2] 求qiu2 恩en1 主zhu3 旨zhi3 意yi4 ;使shi3 我wo3 [行hang2;hang4;heng2;xing2] 在zai4 主zhu3 旨zhi3 意yi4 [中zhong1;zhong4] ,主zhu3 领ling3 我wo3 [何he2;he4] [往wang3;wang4] 必bi4 去qu4 。* 我wo3 命ming4 、我wo3 心xin1 、所suo3 [有you3;you4] 一yi1 [切qie1;qie4] ,献xian4 [与yu2;yu3;yu4] 爱ai4 我wo3 基ji1 督du1 ;[无mo2;wu2] [论lun2;lun4] 领ling3 我wo3 [何he2;he4] [往wang3;wang4] 必bi4 去qu4 ,因yin1 祂是shi4 我wo3 [王wang2;wang4] ,我wo3 主zhu3 。* *(副fu4 歌ge1 ) 主zhu3 领ling3 我wo3 [何he2;he4] [往wang3;wang4] 必bi4 去qu4 ,主zhu3 领ling3 我wo3 [何he2;he4] [往wang3;wang4] 必bi4 去qu4 ,主zhu3 [这zhe4;zhei4] 样yang4 爱ai4 我wo3 ,我wo3 必bi4 跟gen1 [从cong1;cong2] ,主zhu3 领ling3 我wo3 [何he2;he4] [往wang3;wang4] 必bi4 去qu4 。

Ahh, and here it is unsimplified

主zhu3 領ling3 我wo3 [何he2;he4] [往wang3;wang4] 必bi4 去qu4

「[背bei1;bei4] 起qi3 十shi2 架jia4 來lai2 跟gen1 [從cong1;cong2] 我wo3 !」我wo3 聽ting1 [見jian4;xian4] 主zhu3 慈ci2 聲sheng1 ;
「我wo3 捨生sheng1 命ming4 贖shu2 你ni3 罪zui4 [過guo1;guo4] ,[當dang1;dang4] [將jiang1;jiang4;qiang1] 你ni3 所suo3 [有you3;you4] 獻xian4 迖 呈cheng2 。」 *

主zhu3 牽qian1 我wo3 緊jin3 靠kao4 祂身shen1 旁pang2 ,[尋xin2;xun2] 求qiu2 恩en1 主zhu3 旨zhi3 意yi4 ;
使shi3 我wo3 [行hang2;hang4;heng2;xing2] 在zai4 主zhu3 旨zhi3 意yi4 [中zhong1;zhong4] ,主zhu3 領ling3 我wo3 [何he2;he4] [往wang3;wang4] 必bi4 去qu4 。*

我wo3 命ming4 、我wo3 心xin1 、所suo3 [有you3;you4] 一yi1 [切qie1;qie4] ,獻xian4 [與yu2;yu3;yu4] 愛ai4 我wo3 基ji1 督du1 ;
[無mo2;wu2] [論lun2;lun4] 領ling3 我wo3 [何he2;he4] [往wang3;wang4] 必bi4 去qu4 ,因yin1 祂是shi4 我wo3 [王wang2;wang4] ,我wo3 主zhu3 。

* *(副fu4 歌ge1 ) 主zhu3 領ling3 我wo3 [何he2;he4] [往wang3;wang4] 必bi4 去qu4 ,主zhu3 領ling3 我wo3 [何he2;he4] [往wang3;wang4] 必bi4 去qu4 ,主zhu3 [這zhe4;zhei4] 樣yang4 愛ai4 我wo3 ,我wo3 必bi4 跟gen1 [從cong1;cong2] ,主zhu3 領ling3 我wo3 [何he2;he4] [往wang3;wang4] 必bi4 去qu4

Oops - I missed verse 3.


to simplified


to pinyin

或huo4 [要yao1;yao4] [经jing1;jing4] [过guo1;guo4] 幽you1 暗an4 道dao4 路lu4 ,或huo4 渡du4 风feng1 [暴bao4;pu4] 海hai3 洋yang2 ; [背bei1;bei4] 起qi3 十shi2 架jia4 跟gen1 随sui2 恩en1 主zhu3 ,[无mo2;wu2] [论lun2;lun4] 主zhu3 领ling3 我wo3 [何he2;he4] [往wang3;wang4]

back to traditional

或huo4 [要yao1;yao4] [經jing1;jing4] [過guo1;guo4] 幽you1 暗an4 道dao4 路lu4 ,或huo4 渡du4 風feng1 [暴bao4;pu4] 海hai3 洋yang2 ; [背bei1;bei4] 起qi3 十shi2 架jia4 跟gen1 隨sui2 恩en1 主zhu3 ,[無mo2;wu2] [論lun2;lun4] 主zhu3 領ling3 我wo3 [何he2;he4] [往wang3;wang4]

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October 1, 2004

SubmitFire search engine submission

I usually shake my head in skepticism when I see search engine optimization (SEO) sites claiming submission to 1000s of search engines as I did when I first saw an ad for SubmitFire. I was suprised when I looked at the site and saw that CoffeeCup was an affiliated company. For those of you who don't know, CoffeeCup released a pretty nice HTML Editor in the early days of the web. It was shareware, though I never did get around to registering my copy - and moved on to direct coding shortly afterward. So, is it worth it?

How do these sites work? A lot of times they have some backend software which registers your site with one search engines which is then duplicated thousands of time. Probably not what you really wanted. I've read (though I can't recall where) that this can sometimes even lead to diminished rankings on Google. They give a partial list of the sites. If you are already listed on many engines, is it worth it?

Possibly. I took by random one of the listed sites, Chubba. This is a premium listing site, charging $24.99 for the "slow" listing, and $49.99 for the "express" listing. Yikes, who is going to pay that? Who even uses Chubba. A search on a relevant keyword "download patents" reveals not only my absense but Overture premium listings. I wonder if anyone even uses this site.

My experience is that the major sites will eventually find your site and crawl it. The big question is whether these small time sites are worth even listing on. It may well be a gigantic pyramid like scheme, where people join, and try to get other people to join so they can collect the commission. See, to become an affiliate,

First, Join the Program, it only takes 5 minutes. Then place banners, buttons or text links on your Website. When someone clicks any link and then makes a purchase within 30 days you get 20% of that sale !
Sounds mighty suspect. My guess is that most people sign up in order to be affiliates. Buyer beware - even if it is from the developers of CoffeeCup Software.

Google Groups has a thread on submitfire started by the proprietor of His review on the customer service is rather critical, though unclear whether or not the service eventually worked. His site has a PageRank of 4, 22 links none of which were search engine based. I would say that it didn't work.

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September 23, 2004

Upgrading to MT 3.11

I did it, and it was surprisingly painless. Basically you take the upgrade package and copy it over your old MT files. In my particular case I had to make sure that my *.cgi had properly set permissions (755) as I was copying from Windows to UNIX. Now, how can set it up so that my old entries start using the new format names without losing visitors from Google?

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September 22, 2004

Almost ready to update

I'm almost brave enough to upgrade this blog to MT 3.11 - I'm currently testing it on an alternate site and it seems pretty solid. One issue I noticed, even with the new MT-Blacklist I'm already getting spam... sigh. According to my sources, all I need to do is grab the upgrade files, make the substitution, and run the update script. The old permalinks should work and supposedly someone out there has a redirect script so that one can take advantage of the new Google-optimized titles. Anyone have info on this?

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September 3, 2004

Why "enter the search term"

Why is "enter the search term" such a popular search term? Overture reports 175410 last month. That's wierd. So, if you happen to come to this site looking for "enter the search term", I'd love to know why.

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August 29, 2004

Personal injury lawyers in Florida

This turns out to be a highly competitive Adwords keyword set. Interesting isn't it? Do you think that a search by zip code and proximity might be of interest to folks? Is there an easy way to figure out who to choose? Would people be interested in a forum where you could discuss and rate each lawyer? Sort of the - hot or not of law.

Here are the rest of the 50 states by cost per click:

70.00 personal injury lawyer Missouri
32.07 personal injury lawyer Florida
30.05 personal injury lawyer New York
30.00 personal injury lawyer New Jersey
26.01 personal injury lawyer Georgia
25.07 personal injury lawyer Illinois
25.01 personal injury lawyer Connecticut
23.00 personal injury lawyer Michigan
20.00 personal injury lawyer Colorado
16.01 personal injury lawyer California
15.35 personal injury lawyer Texas
15.01 personal injury lawyer Massachusetts
15.00 personal injury lawyer Pennsylvania
12.00 personal injury lawyer Oregon
11.00 personal injury lawyer Vermont
10.04 personal injury lawyer Nevada
10.02 personal injury lawyer Ohio
10.01 personal injury lawyer Kentucky
10.01 personal injury lawyer Minnesota
10.01 personal injury lawyer Rhode Island
10.00 personal injury lawyer Hawaii
10.00 personal injury lawyer Louisiana
10.00 personal injury lawyer Utah
10.00 personal injury lawyer Virginia
10.00 personal injury lawyer Washington
10.00 personal injury lawyer Wyoming
9.23 personal injury lawyer Mississippi
9.11 personal injury lawyer Maryland
6.51 personal injury lawyer Alabama
6.50 personal injury lawyer Arizona
5.07 personal injury lawyer Nebraska
5.01 personal injury lawyer Indiana
5.01 personal injury lawyer Maine
5.01 personal injury lawyer Tennessee
5.00 personal injury lawyer Arkansas
5.00 personal injury lawyer Delaware
5.00 personal injury lawyer Idaho
5.00 personal injury lawyer Iowa
5.00 personal injury lawyer Kansas
5.00 personal injury lawyer Montana
5.00 personal injury lawyer New Hampshire
5.00 personal injury lawyer New Mexico
5.00 personal injury lawyer North Carolina
5.00 personal injury lawyer North Dakota
5.00 personal injury lawyer Oklahoma
5.00 personal injury lawyer South Carolina
5.00 personal injury lawyer South Dakota
2.00 personal injury lawyer Alaska
1.50 personal injury lawyer Wisconsin
1.28 personal injury lawyer West Virginia
I'm not sure why it is so high in Missouri, but this is certainly worth a closer look!

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August 11, 2004

Are press releases public domain?

I've always wondered this... here's what I found.

Small market newsletters, magazines and newspapers will often use your press release in entirety to keep the ads from bumping together. Many of those publications cannot afford to pay for editorial content and welcome press releases as public domain work -- which they are.
A rather dated newsgroup post claims that it is so, but where can one find a more official source?

According to Yale and Carothers [1],

Once that press release or PSA is sent out, you cannot take it out of circulation, and you can't control its use. It has been publicly distributed, and it is probably public domain under the copyright law. Anyone who has it can use it for any purpose. [emphasis added]
Bryman [2] has this to say
Companies (and indeed organizations generally) produce many documents. Some of these are in the public domain, such as annual reports, mission statements, press releases, advertisements, and public relations material in printed form or on the World Wide Web. [emphasis added]
Cairncross [3] mentions "information that has always been in the public domain but was previously inaccessible to most people - because it was held in some special place, or released only to specialists. Press releases, for instance, once landed only on the desks of journalists. Now anybody can read press releases on a company's Web site." [emphasis added]

I think it is pretty clear, press releases are in the public domain. Enjoy!

[1] D.R. Yale and A.J. Carothers, The publicity handbook : the inside scoop from more than 100 journalists and PR pros on how to get great publicity coverage : in print, online, and on the air, Chicago, Ill.: NTC Business Books, 2001, p. 66.
[2] A. Bryman, Social research methods, Oxford ; New York: Oxford University Press, 2004, p. 376.
[3] F. Cairncross, The death of distance : how the communications revolution is changing our lives, Boston: Harvard Business School Press, 2001, p. 80.

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July 31, 2004

The 'ands' in Overture

I changed my 'Nikon 5700' post to 'Nikon and Coolpix and 5700' just as an experiment. Why? Something interesting. If you look on Overture at the Search Term Suggestions, the top item for Nikon 5700 is 'Nikon and Coolpix and 5700' (8013). The next is 'Nikon 5700' at 6929. Isn't that strange? I'm pretty sure Google ignores the ands. Perhaps for another search engine?

Here's what the folks were looking for:
countsearch term
8013nikon and coolpix and 5700
6929nikon 5700
409nikon coolpix 5700 digital camera
404nikon 5700 digital camera
233nikon coolpix 5700 review
223nikon 5700 review
147nikon coolpix 5700 camera
143nikon coolpix 5700 accessory
137nikon 5700 accessory
127nikon cool pix 5700
122nikon coolpix 5700 price
96nikon coolpix 5700 digital camera review
87buy nikon coolpix 5700
855700 battery coolpix nikon
835700 battery nikon
785700 coolpix manual nikon
76nikon 5700 camera
69nikon coolpix 5700 digital camera price
67lowest price nikon coolpix 5700
655700 camera coolpix digital nikon xxasdf
655700 lens nikon
65nikon 5700 rebate
635700 nikon xxasdf
615700 coolpix digital nikon
565400 5700 compare coolpix nikon
545700 coolpix flash nikon
535700 coolpix lens nikon
535700 coolpix nikon rebate
535700 coolpix nikon sale
525700 coolpix digital nikon xxasdf
525700 manual nikon
515700 coolpix filter nikon
505700 compare coolpix nikon price
50nikon coolpix 5700 discount
485700 discount nikon xxasdf
47nikon coolpix 5700 best price
44cheapest nikon coolpix 5700
43nikon coolpix 5700 case
425700 dead nikon pixel
42nikon 5700 filter
40nikon 5700 price
385700 nikon sale xxasdf
365700 accessory nikon xxasdf
365700 buy nikon xxasdf
365700 nikon tip
355700 coolpix new nikon
345700 angle coolpix lens nikon wide
335700 case nikon
33nikon coolpix 5700 picture
29nikon 5700 camera case
29nikon digital 5700
27nikon refurbished coolpix 5700
275700 nikon sale
26nikon cp 5700
25nikon coopix 5700
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May 16, 2004

Movable Type, Adsense and the commercial license

I started investigating Movable Type 3 this evening and had a chance to re-read some of the licensing agreements. As some of you might know, I started Adsense way after I started blogging, and I'm not sure why but it didn't really occur to me to check the agreement to make sure that I didn't need to be under a commercial license. I don't. At least for the new agreement. Here's the quote, from How You Can Use Movable Type.

“Non-Commercial Purposes” means use of the Software by an individual for publishing on a personal blog site on a single sever that does not directly or indirectly support any commercial efforts. Use of the Software for any purpose by any non-individual entity, including but not limited to any commercial entity, corporation, non-profit organization, educational institution, governmental body or group, is not permitted under this Agreement. Affiliate or associate fees that are earned by a personal blog site and are payable to a single individual and that are earned through activities incidental to the main purpose of the site are permitted under the Non-Commercial Purposes of this Agreement.
Hmm, so if I start a mesothelioma blog solely to earn Adsense fees, that would probably count as a commercial endeavor. But if I keep blogging for fun and adventure, it'll probably be ok.

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May 14, 2004

Blogger error 550 - permission denied

Since Blogger was relaunched, I've noticed that I've been unable to create new blogs. I finally figured it out today. It has to do with archiving. When publishing a new blog, archiving is turned on by default. However, no matter what the setting is on your root directory, it'll give you a funky error, which looks like:

550 2004_05_01_: Permission denied on file:2004_05_01_
I think it has to do with not being able to access the 2004/05/ directory, which of course, with a new blog, does not yet exist. I'm not sure why it couldn't just create the directory. A simple hack is to turn off archiving, which I did... that'll allow your blogs to post.

To fix the archiving, after creating your blog, go to Settings then Archiving. Fill out the Archive Path, URL and filename, making sure to create any directories as necessary. Select an Archive Frequency and then Republish. It should work now.

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May 12, 2004

Blogger templates

The new blogger templates are very nice. I have a couple favorites, but I think it won't be long before everyone starts using the same nice templates. So, where else to go? Fortunately, folks have been hard at work on this front, here are a few links I found.

Blogspot has a variety of fun templates updated each day. A lot of them are animated in moderately tasteful ways. I'd look here first.

Martijn runs, as in "No Initial Public Offering", and, as a photographer-webguy, has put up some visually appealing templates. My favorite one is the Easter Island one.

For you spider-fans, check out Sony Pictures' Spidey-templates. That's smart marketing.

Point of Focus has some fun nature-related ones, though I'm not as keen of the color scheme. Templates are linkware however and there are terms and conditions.

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Google blog

How about that, Google has an official blog now! The first post was at 11:40 AM on Monday. Nothing really juicy yet though. CNET has the scoop.

"Google Blog" attempts to capture the casual feel of a typical Web log. "We're going to post stuff here, regular bloggy things," writes Evan Williams, Pyra's founder and now Google's Blogger program manager. "What Larry had for breakfast. What Sergey thinks of that Hellboy movie. Which Dawson's Creek character reminds us most of Eric."

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May 10, 2004

Blogger relaunches!

If it gets any cooler, I'm going to have to dump MoveableType. Check out Biz Stone's "The Great Blogger Relaunch". My favorite? Beautiful, CSS-based templates. Commenting. Conditional tags (just like MT!). Email blogging. It boggles my mind that Blogger is owned by Google.

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May 4, 2004

Mesothelioma and Adwords

According to UPI, Mesothelioma law firms are putting up as much as $90 per click for Adwords placement. That's really nuts. Come to think of it, I've heard a lot of commercials on the radio for this recently as well. Mesothelioma is an asbestos-related cancer, which, apparently has become quite a profitable field for lawyers. We can probably expect things to get worse before they get better, especially in NYC, as the dust from Ground Zero is likely to increase workers' risk of getting this cancer.

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April 23, 2004

A test of the scripturizer

Beloved... let us love one another. I John 4:7-8.

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Installing the scripturizer

Rob Hulson has a good post on the scripturizer for dummies. Though the link doesn't seem to work. Here's what I did:

  1. Go to the version 1.2 blog and copy and paste
  2. Go to the version 1.3 blog and copy and paste
  3. Make phillips change (line 67)
    my $verses = qr{ \d+ (: \s* \d+)* (?: \s* [-&] \s* \d+)* (: \s* \d+)* }x;
  4. Copy to your mt/plugins/, mt/extlib/Sermonizer/ changing permissions to 755
  5. Replace all occurrences of <$MTEntryBody$&rt; in your templates with <$MTEntryBody scripturize="NASB"$> choosing your preferred version
  6. Rebuild

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April 21, 2004


Blogheads (enoch...), if you haven't yet, check out the Ping-o-Matic!. Now, shouldn't there be an MT Plugin that does this?

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April 19, 2004

Xanga RSS

I'm not sure why it isn't widely publicized, but to get RSS from Xanga, all you need to do is to link to<username>. Thanks Pretzel.

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