November 12, 2005

HP 2600n v. Dell 3000cn

Prices are such that it is actually not unreasonable to consider a color laser printer. After about 15 minutes skimming through reviews on line, I have it down to the HP Color LaserJet 2600n and the Dell 3000n ($399 w/ free shipping). Apparently, HP agrees! HP must be losing a lot of sales to the Dell. HP is pitching faster color prints (single-pass v. multi-psas), faster warm-up, and less deskspace. Of course, the 3000cn has been winning all the awards for both speed and print quality. I bet they make it up in the toner though. Starter cartridges are rated for 2000 pages black and 1000 color. The key feature for me is print quality and networkability.

You can get a side-by-side analysis from PCWorld. They are right, the Dell is a clear winner. HP must be worried.

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November 11, 2005

John Calvin and Michael Servetus

If you've ever done a search online on John Calvin's doctrines, you will most likely have run into the Dan Coroner's His Ashes Cry Out Against John Calvin. Coroner, in contrast to Calvin, holds that salvation is conditional. The article itself deals with Calvin's complicity in the burning-at-the-stake death of one Michael Servetus, a scientist and theologian with anti-Trinitarian and anti-pedobaptism views. It is rather sensational but certainly thought-provoking. William Wileman has an article [Calvin and Servetus] in defense of Calvin. It carries a balanced tone and is a worthy read.

There has recently been a renewal in interest in the theology of Servetus.

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