November 19, 2003

Restoring data on Leland

I have a partition on /afs/ir/data. Earlier today I accidentally delete some crucial scripts I had written. It took sometime to figure out how to restore this. Thank God for Leland FAQs. See #9. First figure out the volume using fs examine. I got

tree1:~/data-torque/.backup/math> fs examine
Volume status for vid = 2003993199 named
Current disk quota is 3000000
Current blocks used are 1003287
The partition has 13494240 blocks available out of 34668997
You then mount the corresponding backup volume, here using
fs mkmount OldData
Get the files you need from OldData and then cleanup using
fs rmmount OldData

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November 6, 2003

MySQL and C++`

How bad could it be?

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