May 28, 2003

Passages of the Day

Deuteronomy 1 Psalms 81,82 Isaiah 29 3 John 1
Deuteronomy 1

I liked verse 31, how the LORD carries the Isarelites just as a man carries his son.

Psalm 81,82

What does it mean, I said, You are Gods, all of you are sons of the Most High?

Isaiah 29

Woe to those who deeply hide plans from the LORD. I suppose when we sin this is what we are doing. We think to ourselves, who sees. Forgive us.

3 John 1

How is it that John got to have 3 books? I guess Paul had even more.

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May 27, 2003

Passages of the Day

It's no good if I post these and don't read them is it?

Numbers 36 Psalms 80 Isaiah 28 2 John 1
Numbers 36

The passage from yesterday, Numbers 35, talked about the penalties for intentionally and accidentally murdering people, and how killing "defiled" the land. Note that this is one-on-one killing, not war. So there is a distinguishment.

Today's passage talks about how the promised land is to be passed down.
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May 26, 2003

Passages of the Day

Numbers 35 Psalms 79 Isaiah 27 1 John 5
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You have to move super fast on I started corresponding with a project poster, and by the time I asked the second question the project had already been awarded. Of course, it was only for $15.

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May 25, 2003

Passages of the Day

Numbers 34 Psalms 78:38-72 Isaiah 26 1 John 4
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May 24, 2003

Passages of the Day

Numbers 33 Psalms 78:1-37 Isaiah 25 1 John 3
Numbers 33

This chapter talks about all the places then went to when they left Egypt. It must have seemed like so much distance, especially having stayed in Egypt for so many years. The last part, where God speaks to the importance of driving out the inhabitants or face the consequence that they will be "thorns" and "trouble". I had two thoughts about this. One is about the current pressure on Israel to recognize a Palestine and their willingness to do so if the Palestinians waive their right to return ever to Israel. The second is perhaps more spiritual, the necessity to drive out the "old ways" or face trouble from them, even in your new life.

Psalms 78:1-37

This is a long Psalm! The Psalmist says that we should tell our children to put their confidence in God, not forgetting His works, and keeping his commandments, and not to be like us, who are stubborn, who have unfaithful spirits. The last part of this passage is interesting - after being (some of them) killed, they then sought God, returned and "searched diligently". They remembered that God was their rock, and their Redeemer - but it says, "they deceived Him with their mouth, and lied to Him with their tongue." "For their heart was not steadfast toward Him. Nor were they faithful in His covenant." How am I? Do I deceive with mouth and tongue? Is my heart steadfast? May the Lord have mercy.

Isaiah 25

Ahh, this is a very interesting passage. Starting from verse 6, Isaiah talks about how the Lord will prepare a lavish feast on a mountain for all peoples - with aged wine and choice pieces of marrow. Did I say aged wine? It's refined, aged wine. On this mountain, death will be swallowed up for all time. He will wipe up the tears from all faces (verse 8). "This is the Lord for whom we have waited. Let us rejoice and be glad in His salvation."

1 John 3

Hope, that's the secret. That'll keep us out of trouble. If we hope on the day we will become like God, it will purify us (verse 3). John says that "no one who abides in Him sins." What does this means? It means that when we are in right relations with God, we will not sin. Not that we will not ever sin (1:8), but if we abide in Him, we will not sin so let us not "practice" sin, for this is of the devil. What does it really mean to abide. Am I abiding now? Is it constant prayer?

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May 23, 2003

Automating the passages of the day

OK, I digitized the file, added index numbers, and wrote a little php script to process the current date and choose the appropriate passage. But how can I call it from MoveableType. Can I use PHP here? I'm not sure at all.

You can look at the current version here.

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Passages of the Day

Numbers 32 Psalm 77 Isaiah 24 1 Peter 2

Numbers 32

The sons of Reuben and Gad say, "hey, we like it here, can we just stay here?" Moses then accuses them of discouraging the rest of the community from going into the promised land. The interesting thing is that they are satisfied already. Surprisingly, Moses does not tell them that they need to take Canaan.

Psalm 77

In this Psalm, David, being troubled in spirit, finds as a solution to reflect on the great deeds of God. He talks about feelings of rejection, and asks if God's "lovingkindness" has ceased forever. I like verse 10: "Then I said, 'It is my grief, that the right hand of the Most High has changed." Does that mean that he then feels better, resolving to remember the deeds of the Lord?

Isaiah 24

"The exalted of the people of the earth fade away." How often do I want to be the exaclted of the earth. I want to be successful, to be highly esteemed, but these things so quickly will pass away. This is not what the Lord desires of us.

What's wrong with the wine? It mourns, the vine decays, no one drinks wine with song, and strong drink is bitter. I think it means that in the day of judgement, nothing can make people happy, not even wine.

Versus 21 and 22 are interesting. The LORD will punish both the kings on earth and the host of heaven on high. Why is the host of heaven being punished. These all will be gathered together to be confined and then punished.

1 John 2

We come to know the Father when we keep His commandments. To keep means to follow. This appears to be the old commandment. But what is the new commandment? The new commandment comes because the darkness is passing away. It is that we must love one another - or is it that we should not love the world?

Everyone who practices righteousness is born of Him...

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May 22, 2003

Passages of the Day

Numbers 31 Psalm 75-76 Isaiah 23 1 Peter 1

Numbers 31
In this sort of passage your heart really sinks because it is so extreme. The reason that Moses was upset at the people for sparing the women was that these were the ones that originally led Israel to sin in Numbers 25. Of course, they could have showed more fortitude.

Psalm 75-76
Psalm 75 is about the judgement of the Lord, and how He is righteous and will execute judgement with all power. I liked the verse about how the cup is in the hand of the Lord and how the wicked will "drink down its dregs". One should not be prideful.

How do I view God? Do I see Him resplendent, more majestic than the mountains? Do I fear, knowing that no man can stand in His presence in His anger? God saves the humble, not the proud - and the wrath of man will praise Him. I must humble myself.

Isaiah 23
Who planned against Tyre and Sidon - "the Lord of hosts has planned it, to defile the pride of all beauty, to despise all the onored of the earth." The last part is interesting, it basically says that after 70 years, Tyre will go back to "her harlot's wages" and "play the harlot with all the kingdoms on the face of the earth." But that the "gain" and "wages" will not be hoarded but become "sufficient food and choice attire for those who dwell in the presence of the LORD." What does this mean? Why would it go back to its old ways? And how is it that those who dwell in the presence of the LORD will benefit.

1 John 1
We have heard, we have seen, we have looked, we have toched, we have seen, we testify, we proclaim... Can I say that? Have I seen, looked touched, should I not testify and proclaim? If not... what is the message? The message is that in God there is no darkness. If we are to have fellowship with God then we should also not have any darkness. What is darkness, is it sin? I don't think so - it is the hiding of sins, for we can walk in the Light, confessing our sins - for which no man can say they have without.

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May 21, 2003

Timing my life

I just downloaded Egg Timer Plus v1.11. It is simply a stopwatch and timer. I saw Pastor Howard using it to control his websurfing time. Good idea. I put it on the laptop. The only feature missing that would be cool is to have something that tracks what you are doing. So that you can see how you use your time. I imagine the stopwatch and timer bringing up a small textbox when you start where you enter in what you will be doing (or pick from a picklist!). This could be all online so that whereever you go, you can track what you have been doing. you could, for instance, store the data in a database, and then go back to see time totals, or patterns (productive or destructive). Well times up.

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Bible in a Year

It would be nice to have a calendar with links to the passages of the day, and a check-off box after you read the passage (or maybe when you click on the link?) Then you could track it over time. Sort of like:

Numbers 30
Psalm 74
Isaiah 22
2 Peter 3

On activating the link it should submit the checkboxes updating a database or flat file.

Overview. Several things need to be done. First, I must convert the chart into a PHP readable flat file. I just did this. It took about 15 minutes of cutting and pasting into an excel file. This can then be turned into a comma-delimited or tab-delimited file. Next I have to figure out how to do array indexing using PHP - rows, columns, index. Then I have to get the link made to Bible Gateway. Finally I have to find a way of keeping track of clicks per user. This will probably be last, before that I just want to have a daily list of what to read and links to that.

Digitization. Done. I used "=concatenate(text(MONTH,"00"),text(DAY,"00"))". This will be the index.

PHP indexing. Can we do it. Fortunately yes. I found a clue here.

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May 4, 2003

change case

In case you ever have to, you can change the case of a highlighted section in word by pressing SHIFT-F3. This cycles through a number of options. I use it when I need to take things that are All Caps to Small Caps. I saw this before but had to refind it here.

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