December 4, 2005


The kids and I went hunting for a Scooba at Fry's today. No go - not even close. Here's the deal. First, you have to pre-order it (at $399.99). According to Niall Kennedy, it isn't even going to be released before January. However, if you order before December 15, you will get a "special gift" along with an announcement for the recipient.

They have a hilarious entry in the FAQs on the topic:

Will Scooba ship in time for 2005 holiday delivery?
We anticipate that Scooba will be available to ship at the end of December 2005. [emphasis mine]
Why can't they just say "I'm sorry, we blew it - we are going to completely miss Christmas!" This is doubly bad. I've been holding out for the Scooba since June - the chance of spending money on a Roomba knowing that the Scooba is around the corner is pretty slim. The chance of purchasing the Scooba immediately following release is also pretty slim, since Christmas pressure will have come and gone. This last little factoid means it is probably a good time to start tracking IRBT stock*. The technology seems pretty solid, led by good pedigree - if only they had been able to capture the holidays. That will come with experience.

*No, I don't own any... at the time of this post.

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