May 6, 2005

Getting certified to install Forbo Marmoleum

Two certifications are available from Forbo: Associate Mechanic and Master Mechanic. Apparently certification is now available through the 4-year International Standards and Training Alliance (INSTALL) program. I found an instructive article from last year at

INSTALL instructors, spread among 25 training centers across North America, will begin linking Forboís Associate Mechanic curriculum with INSTALL skill blocks. With this new partnership, apprentices who successfully complete the INSTALL four-year training will also earn certification as Forbo Associate Mechanics. And, existing floorlayers will be able to earn the designation through journeyman upgrade courses.

INSTALL is the most comprehensive, multi-year floorcovering installation training program in North America. Before an INSTALL instructor can teach the Forbo Associate Mechanic program, he or she must earn a Master Mechanic certification. Wiggins and other Forbo officials recently trained, tested and certified the first group of INSTALL instructors at the UBCís International Training Center. INSTALL instructors in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, St. Louis and Tulsa will now begin to teach the Forbo Associate Mechanic program, and Forbo plans to continue training and certifying INSTALL instructors throughout 2004.

"This is, by no means, a rubber stamp. The training is tough," said Jim Schmid, international director of INSTALL. "Because of the level of skill needed and the quality of materials being used, itís necessary to really prove your skills and gain an in-depth knowledge of Forbo materials."

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What's the verdict on Marmoleum on stairs? Can it be done?

Posted by: eric at May 30, 2005 5:17 PM

Good job!

Posted by: Markus at December 12, 2006 10:00 PM
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