March 20, 2005

Jerusalem Latitude and Longitude

Jerusalem is located 31 47' N 35 13' E. Why is this useful? To get sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset information. The Navy, for example, has an interesting tool* which gives complete sun and moon data for one day from any location in the world. Jerusalem is two hours east of Greenwich.
* It turns out that the Naval calendar does not accept 32 AD and automatically maps it to 2032.

DISCLAIMER: Be careful the following section - parts of it are quite wrong. Passover is celebrated on the night before the 15th of Nissan, not the night before the 14th, so April 6, 32 makes the crucifixion on Friday not Thursday...

Assume for the moment (1) that Jesus's trimumphant entry into Jerusalem was Sunday, April 6, 32, Nisan 10 and (2) that the first Passover dinner would have been eaten Wednesday night (the eve of Nissan 14). That would mean that Jesus was crucified Thursday, April 10 (the day of Nisan 14) and "buried" that same day. According to the Adventist calendar**, that day, the sun rose at 5:35am and set 5:53pm. Matthew 27:46 indicates that Jesus passed away at about the ninth hour, at about 3 in the afternoon. I found a nice synopsis by Lori Eldridge with a frame-by-frame analysis of everything that happened on Nisan 14.

I'm not sure about the April 6th date. I just found a counter-argument to Anderson. Nevertheless, the tools are starting to come together.
** No promotion or approval is intended any other information on the Adventist website.

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you know, an interesting thing, when you add up the latitude and longetitude of Jerusalem - 31.47N and 35.13E - you get, 66.60. Explain that one.

Posted by: Joel at March 3, 2006 5:24 PM

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