February 4, 2005

Visual Studio 2005 beta

It is always nice to get "free" software from Microsoft. For a limited time, Microsoft is offering free downloads of Visual Studio 2005 - Visual Basic, Visual J#, Visual C++, Visual C#, SQL and Visual Web Developer. I find it facinating that they threw C++ back in with C#. What is the difference between C# and C++? I for one am still using my old Visual C++ 6.0 in lieu of C# or C++ .NET. That said, I have a feeling, despite Scott McNealy's rhetoric, that .NET will win in the end. The other day, after avoiding it for two years, I was finally coerced into installing .NET Framework 1.1 into my laptop in order to use Kinko's direct print software. The annoying thing is that the printout didn't even look right... sigh.

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