April 29, 2004

Arbitrary source waveforms

A very nice feature of the 6430 is the capability of generating source waveforms, up to 2500 points. Programmatically it is a bit awkward. Source points are entered 100 points at a time, in comma-delimited format. For the first 100, you use :SOURce:LIST:CURRent <first 100 in list> where the list for current can range from -105e-3 to 105e-3 and the voltage from -210 to 210. It's not clear, but I think you also have to set :FUNCtion:MODE properly. After that you use APPend, as in, :SOURce:LIST:CURRent <next 100 in list>. If we wanted to source current, we would do something like

:SOURce:LIST:CURRent .001, 0, .01, 0, .005, ...;   (1 mA, 0 mA, 0 mA, 5 mA)
:SOURce:LIST:CURRent:APPend .5, .4, .0, .01, ...

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