April 27, 2004

SENSe1 subsystem - CONCurrent

Per 17-54 of the manual, in order to enable the 6430 to measure more than one function simultaneously, you must use :FUNC:CONC ON. After you do this, you will still need to turn the various functions on and off, e.g., :FUNC:ON "CURR","VOLT". Note that each function in the list must be enclosed in quotes. To get voltage, current and resistance, you can use :FUNC:ON:ALL or just :FUNC:ALL. Now, what is not clear is how choosing all versus just one makes a difference in how fast one can do the measurements. Presumably when measuring impedance you would want both current and voltage.

I wish there was a simple way of searching through vi's for a particular string of text. As it is, you have to open each one and skim through the block diagram.

Keithley 6430 Data Format.vi

  • :FORM:ELEM ...

Hmmm, in 13-2 it says that when changing from local to remote operation, concurrent measurements are enabled. I'm not sure why it isn't working properly then.

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