April 22, 2004

6430 display config

Be careful when you use the Keithley 6430 Display Config vi. You must set the displayed resolution otherwise you will get error -222. This is because the default value for the displayed resolution is "<4>" and not "4".

An alternative to entering the number is actually fixing the vi. If you look, Displayed Resolution is entered into the GPIB code using a knob. The knob itself uses text labels "4,5,6,7" to output numbers "0,1,2,3" to which the vi adds 4.


You can see the text labels by right-clicking on the Displayed Resolution icon and selecting the "Text Labels" tab.


It's clear from hear that the default value should be 0, not 4. To fix this, click on the "Data Range" tab. You'll have to first change "Minimum" to 0, then change "Default value" to 0, then change the "Maximum" to 3.


Now when you use the vi, it should work without filling out Display Resolution. If you do add a constant, you'll see that the default is "4" instead of "<4>".

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