April 16, 2004

4-wire sans connector

I realized that I could simply use one of the probe stations to act as a sense, since these were configured correctly. The results for the 18 MΩ resistor. About 25-30 seconds are necessary before the 2-wire values stop moving. The 4-wire values seem to take even longer, slowly creeping upwards. I'm speculating that the resistor may have some capacitance, causing its behavior over time to change. Should I let it sit until it stops moving, or should I record the first value right away? Tricky. I used a much smaller resistor (several kΩs) to discharge the large resistor right before recording a measurement for both 2-wire and 4-wire. This seems to always bring it back to about the same value.

measureR (MΩ)
2-wire, no OCOM17.6977
2-wire, with OCOM17.6971
4-wire, no OCOM17.6998
4-wire, with OCOM17.6986

Why would the 4-wire take so much longer to stabilize? What is the proper procedure?

Posted by torque at April 16, 2004 2:38 PM
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