January 26, 2004


Nifty, Microsoft offers a SOAP-based mapping web service called MapPoint. Like Mapquest, but even cooler. They offer a 45-day evaluation license. I haven't seen anything written in PHP yet, e.g., nusoap, but I did find a Perl-based implementation. Cool stuff. Wonder how much it costs to do for real.

Gee, this is serious stuff. On Google Groups I found a posting on pricing from 6/2003. $10,000 annual platform charge, $5000 for 500,000 transactions (1 each) - a render, find, and route each constituting a method. You can imagine things adding up pretty fast. Of course, if you really splurge it is 10 million transactions for $70,000 (0.7 each), though this is hardly a discount. Maybe times have changed?
For my application I was thinking of building probaby 200-300 route maps, each consisting of the route computation, a couple find methods, and a render method (or is it one), so it might be 1500 or so that I need. $15. I guess that isn't too bad... The 10 million number is a bit discouraging, since you won't really see too many people reselling.

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