January 9, 2004


I hate how you can only print or save one page at a time on esp@cenet. This is a record of my efforts to make life a bit easier. I was interested in obtaining a copy of GB2388196: Electrodynamic sensor. Incidentally, if you are interested in getting PDFs of US patents you should take a look at Oren Tirosh's pat2pdf.

After coming off a search on one of the inventors, Prance, we get to:

How much of this is necessary? I sliced out the terms until I was left with
which seems to work. The various tabs use this number but under different directories, and they add a QPN number which doesn't seem to make a difference. The directory 'origdoc' takes you to the original document.
We can print a single page using the Print link, which points to
Now, this prints the current page... I'm not exactly sure how though. If we change the page on the viewer, the print link does not change but the page being printed does. That's peculiar! The key is F=64 - F=64 creates a PDF that prints on entry. If we cut and paste the link to another page, it displays the first page and tries to print. If we save this file and open it offline, it tries to print on entry.

Ok, I'm getting closer.

Will bring up, on a new window, the third page, attempting to print on entry. This can be saved, rather than opened. Then all the PDFs can be stitched together. The nice thing about F=64 is that the saved/printed file has only 1 page. If you try to save without F=64, you will be unable to print. Worse, the saved file with have N pages where N is the total number of pages, with exactly one viewable page.

So, the proper method would be to go through and save all the pages, then put it all together using a PDF utility.

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