June 4, 2003

Passages of the Day

Deuteronomy 8 Psalms 91 Isaiah 36 Revelation 6
Deuteronomy 8

God wants us to know that we do not live by bread alone, but by what proceeds from the mouth of the Lord. What does it mean to live by bread alone? It means working and living to satisfy the hunger of the flesh. In the past few weeks, I have been trying to do this job and that on scriptlance - on one hand it is to see if I can get some extra income learning about how to do things. On the other hand, it is to somehow get some sort of satisfaction from being able to finish something - anything. But this passage teaches me that this desperate feeling comes from God, and is there so that we can look to Him. Maybe it isn't that we are literally hunger, but we may be hungry for signifance, for love, for admiration.

When I look back I can see that God really has provided for us. In a few months, we will have two boys - but, at least for now, we have a home, plenty of food, and peace. We have a safe place to worship, and good friends. Is there really much more that we need. No. We have more than enough. This is like the good land (vs. 7-10). We have unlimited fresh water, whole wheat bread and beany rice, tomatoes on the vine, more bottles of wine than we know what to do with, Costco size jugs of olive oil and honey, we "eat food without scarcity" lacking nothing, and all around are opportunities - consulting things, programming, graduate stipend. So let us not forget the Lord, and keep his commandments or we will become proud. Let it never be said that it was our own work that gave us what we have (vs. 17). I guess in a way that is how I'm thinking when I try to bid on these projects - thinking, oh, I can make myself a solid future. Today I remember You.

Psalm 91

Nice, a fitting and beautiful follow-up Psalm. The Lord is our refuge and strength. The word for Almighty God is El Shaddai.

Isaiah 36

Wow, this is very discouraging for Hezekiah. As I remember, Hezekiah is the good king too. Hw was the one who tore down the high places that the Lord detested. Now under seige, Sannacherib claims that God sent him to destory Israel. One error that Hezekiah had, pointed out by Sannacherib, was that he went to Egypt for help, rather than fully relying on the Lord. I wonder what will happen in tomorrow's passage.

Revelation 6

The day will come when everyman, kings, rich, strong, slave, free will hide in the caves. Who can stand the day of his coming.

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