May 24, 2003

Passages of the Day

Numbers 33 Psalms 78:1-37 Isaiah 25 1 John 3
Numbers 33

This chapter talks about all the places then went to when they left Egypt. It must have seemed like so much distance, especially having stayed in Egypt for so many years. The last part, where God speaks to the importance of driving out the inhabitants or face the consequence that they will be "thorns" and "trouble". I had two thoughts about this. One is about the current pressure on Israel to recognize a Palestine and their willingness to do so if the Palestinians waive their right to return ever to Israel. The second is perhaps more spiritual, the necessity to drive out the "old ways" or face trouble from them, even in your new life.

Psalms 78:1-37

This is a long Psalm! The Psalmist says that we should tell our children to put their confidence in God, not forgetting His works, and keeping his commandments, and not to be like us, who are stubborn, who have unfaithful spirits. The last part of this passage is interesting - after being (some of them) killed, they then sought God, returned and "searched diligently". They remembered that God was their rock, and their Redeemer - but it says, "they deceived Him with their mouth, and lied to Him with their tongue." "For their heart was not steadfast toward Him. Nor were they faithful in His covenant." How am I? Do I deceive with mouth and tongue? Is my heart steadfast? May the Lord have mercy.

Isaiah 25

Ahh, this is a very interesting passage. Starting from verse 6, Isaiah talks about how the Lord will prepare a lavish feast on a mountain for all peoples - with aged wine and choice pieces of marrow. Did I say aged wine? It's refined, aged wine. On this mountain, death will be swallowed up for all time. He will wipe up the tears from all faces (verse 8). "This is the Lord for whom we have waited. Let us rejoice and be glad in His salvation."

1 John 3

Hope, that's the secret. That'll keep us out of trouble. If we hope on the day we will become like God, it will purify us (verse 3). John says that "no one who abides in Him sins." What does this means? It means that when we are in right relations with God, we will not sin. Not that we will not ever sin (1:8), but if we abide in Him, we will not sin so let us not "practice" sin, for this is of the devil. What does it really mean to abide. Am I abiding now? Is it constant prayer?

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